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Exhibition Plan

  A successful exhibition planning can not only provide a smooth communication platform for art exhibitions, but also bring unimaginable value. In addition, the success of the art exhibition will promote regional development to some extent.


Our highly skilled logistics team is proficient in art exhibition and related planning, loading and unloading and transportation requirements, will provide you with customized solutions to meet your unique logistics needs.


He has successfully held art exhibition and planning for many clients such as major art academies, art galleries, galleries, artists, individual collectors, auction companies and cultural institutions.



Art exhibition

An art exhibition is a public display of works of art, photography, etc., for the public to enjoy and give visitors a kind of aesthetic enjoyment. Art exhibition is not only a comprehensive reflection of art lovers' access to information, communication and entertainment, but also a marketing medium to fully explore their five senses in face-to-face communication with art lovers.

From the ordering design to the construction and installation of the exhibition site, the company carries out the whole process of quality tracking record. The construction and installation of the booth and artwork are equipped with senior quality engineers, so as to ensure that each link can be strictly guarded and installed on time and with good quality, so as to ensure the installation and development time of the exhibition artwork; To provide customers with a safe, assured protection.





Art planning

Art exhibition planning, that is, according to the master of all kinds of information, the relevant issues of the upcoming exhibition preliminary planning, design the basic framework of the exhibition, put forward plans to hold preliminary planning of the exhibition contents, mainly include: name and location, exhibition organization, scope of exhibits, the exhibition time, show size, positioning, and flaunt planning, publicity and promotion and investment plans, the exhibition schedule, site management plan and related activities, etc.