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 In recent years, the popular collection and exhibition market of artworks at home and abroad has directly triggered the warming of the packaging and transportation market of artworks. Because the characteristics of artworks are different from those of ordinary goods, they need to be approved by relevant departments in the import and export customs clearance, and there are higher requirements in the packaging and transportation.

With years of experience in art import and export, our company has completed many art import and export transactions, such as imported lamps from Italy, paintings from Britain, sculptures from France and so on.

Export transaction services         

1、Provide bank and financial services          

2、Provide Export tax rebate service and   

 added -value tax                

3、Provide logistics service             

4. Assist to provide all kinds of customs clearance documents and clearance permits

Lamps imported from Italy in Dec 2016

Painting imported from England in Feb 2017

A sculture imported from French in March 2017


Import trade services:

1. Providing banking and financial services

2. Pay taxes to the customs and issue VAT invoices

3. Provide logistics services

4. Provide all kinds of customs clearance documents and passing licenses