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  High quality packaging materials provide maximum protection for the artwork.


   Our company will use brand new high-quality packaging materials for customers, such as bubble film, PE pearl cotton, EPE board, silicone oil paper, dupont paper, etc. These high-quality materials play a special role in protecting the transportation of artworks.

   Art soft bag, after the box, will start loading. Loading a car is a university. If there is a single type of work, such as paintings, the loading will be faster. If there is a variety of different sizes, furniture, porcelain, paintings, sculpture, marble, etc., it may take a lot of time to load the cars on site. When loading, it is necessary to first check the general cargo list, envision the loading plan, where the paintings are placed, where the porcelain is placed, and where the marble is pressed. All these should be considered as a whole, so as to achieve scientific loading and firm fixation. In order to avoid damage in the process of transportation.



   At present, our company has a number of art transport vehicles. We can provide trucks with different facilities according to customers' requirements, such as enclosed vans, hover-mounted trucks, vans with elevators, customs supervision vehicles, etc., to ensure smooth and safe transportation in and out of the warehouse. It also has a professional art transport team, 5-10 years of experience in the art industry, and a number of skilled art operators. After years of accumulation and practical operation, China Exhibition United Art logistics has won the praise of many customers for its excellent service quality.





  In order to minimize the impact of transport vehicles on the works, our vehicles are in good condition, with smooth inner walls, flat floors and fixed grip-rings or inserted rows on the trunk walls.

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  Standardization of various facilities, devices and machinery related to domestic art logistics and transportation is also the only way to improve the operation efficiency of domestic logistics system.



  In addition, I also pay attention to the domestic art logistics and transportation of new technology development, introduction and logistics technology personnel training.