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Fine Art Storage

Art "Cloud" Storage Center


Address of cloud Storage Center

  It is located at No. 28, Third Planning Road, Li Sui Town, Shunyi District, and in the northeast corner of Beijing with convenient transportation. It is 20 minutes' drive from The Capital International Airport. Convenient access to 798, Caochangdi, Songzhuang and other international art areas. Located outside the fifth Ring Road, it is not easily affected by Beijing traffic control and is convenient for transportation.

Scattered warehouse

  Existing bulk warehouse area of 400 square meters. Can provide the shelf lease for the customer, according to the unit area of the lease. Suitable for customers with low demand, moderate requirements for storage environment and low budget.

The whole warehouse

  According to the actual needs of customers, we can provide customized area of constant temperature and humidity storage. It is suitable for those with large storage demand, high requirements on storage environment and high budget.

  Zhongzhan is jointly equipped with multiple VIP stores, public Spaces, general collection stores and bulk warehouses to meet the storage requirements of various types of artworks, and provide customers with the safest and professional storage environment. When there are no special requirements, we choose wooden case storage. For paintings with thick texture, we choose to make the backrest first, then put it on the shelf and mark it. Fragile pieces, such as glass, stand alone. Wrap the picture album in plastic wrap and place it in a well-ventilated area to prevent moisture.

Perfect Mini storage space



Warehouse plan diagram



  The building area of the warehouse is 2400 square meters, the external parking area is 500 square meters, and the office accommodation area for employees is 100 square meters, totaling 3000 square meters. According to different needs we provide bulk and customizable area of the whole warehouse.

Perfect equipment and facilities

  To a large extent, the value of artworks is embodied in the integrity of their appearance, while the maintenance and maintenance of artistic images largely depends on whether their storage conditions are complete and the relevant protection is complete and in place. Works of art need to be stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment, insect-proof and moth-proof, some antiques level works of art also need to be oxidation proof, some works of art also have special requirements for light. Our company will provide the most comprehensive and flexible art storage scheme for customers according to their requirements and the characteristics of the stored artworks.



 • No open fire is allowed in the warehouse, and all corners are equipped with fire fighting equipment.


• The roof of the warehouse is waterproof, and the roof of the warehouse is also waterproof.


• Multi-layer shelves in the warehouse, rational use of storage space.


• The warehouse has complete anti-theft measures, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, the warehouse is responsible for a person, 24 hours on duty, the warehouse needs to register.





• Inside the warehouse, there is a multi-functional meeting room for customers to use, which can meet various needs: business talks, small exhibition, entertainment, film and television shooting, etc. Enjoy the Internet, air conditioning, famous paintings and even French wine!


 TianZhu Bonded Warehouse


Introduction to bonded Area

   Brought the international logistics is not only a common storage warehouses, has more international integration of tianzhu warehouse, bonded area is located in shunyi district, Beijing tianzhu free trade zone is with functions of bonded port areas under special customs supervision, and managed by the customs, with import and export processing, international trade, bonded warehouse commodity display, and other functions, enjoy the "exemption certificate, tax exemption, bonded" policy, implement "within the territory of the commissioner of works," long-term regulatory import and export of goods. The function of the bonded area is positioned as "bonded warehousing, export processing, entrepot trade". Free trade zone can facilitate entrepot trade, increase the income of concerned charge. Goods transported into the bonded area may be stored, modified, classified, mixed, exhibited and processed within the scope of customs control. Foreign goods stored in the bonded area, do not have to pay import duties, but can freely enter and leave, only to pay storage fees and a small amount of fees, when the goods need to enter the customs territory to pay the corresponding customs duties. To sum up, our company is located in tianzhu comprehensive bonded zone warehouse, which can meet the logistics function of art transportation, but also can establish temporary exhibition hall, to meet the requirements of small range of collectors exhibition, sales, tax payment and so on.


Bonded area address

  The free trade zone is located near the Airport of Shunyi District, Beijing. It is convenient to store and supervise the artworks and goods that have not entered the country. When the goods enter the country, they need to pay customs duties again.



   China Development And Tianzhu Bonded Zone not only has the role of supervision, but also can design independent storage space for the partner to promote the partner's brand.