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Lalique Artwork High-end furniture Packing and Transport

 Zhongzhan Union International undertake Lalique art and high-end furniture packing and transportation services again in May 28th 2020 . The technician began to the orderly work immediately,For the time and quality request,we finish this job with reasonable control of transportation and logistics costs .At the headquarter of the company in Beijing ,the  technician make 45 crates according to the different size and different packing requirements ,select  different densities and thicknesses of bubble film,dupont paper,EPE board,pearl cotton,cardboard ,tape and other flexible packaging materials.  


      Colleagues in the operations department were at the forefront of charge,they're the core and power source  of the fine art logistics company.

Photos of some operation scenes and packaging as below 

1.Making crates

4271db3732b31f41e819d60a7bed2ee6.jpg  c370a81f08a9d73c98749c8caee6d292.jpg

9f4b431431c728bcd9ba265389f9a005.jpg  97193fb44e4401a3c65314f3ee535661.jpg

2、Soft packaging 

f3846b8e216453f9aad412314a8365d4.jpg  507a010b5675423432a0818eafa0d304.jpg

c03579fec84f4c0ca9c02931e58e7535.jpg  9869bf9f221008171eef8563752c6aab.jpg

3.The first layer is made of pearl cotton ,the second layer is made of bubble film  

567ff6e9a1d15071c7ce805b5b0f6f04.jpg  e01aabbc65868cd9911897c5e55b4c8c.jpg

a9dbc2d4a282c54eec72da916c71175e.jpg  c8ee5d973c36754b2d4b4ade182e0fd5.jpg

4.Choose the different thickness of EPE board

51ec626ddc40ce08b48465fc3a7c6008.jpg  8fe58c70156bac45c993361ef5e4a8b0.jpg

5d9f926e12d11749ae2755a8edaa9cc8.jpg  dbdff77055615a2ba474f6c312812d5e.jpg

b100419de3cecc38939e107ff43cb8bb.jpg  00cec42e82bf6bdf3ae8ae66398ca4d5.jpg

afa33595b400f547e80b87c25cee31e9.jpg  989d0b3222449a271b22fceb2387ef65.jpg

5、Fixed cutting the Shaped furniture according to different shapes and sizes 


9cd0d16707a6dddb2d5248983445d882.jpg  818e67a32e4179db84ee4652119964f0.jpg

c32cbc458da729769e74c49ff8925611.jpg  1e0504d63794df641ecc5d170c92e751.jpg

6、According to the situation and shape characteristics of the works and furniture after entering the box, different ways were selected to fix the box, adding structural sticks and winding the sticks with soft materials to achieve the best shock absorption effect.

91cd158f291adf6c418de418982b8cad.jpg  b9b9480c5467402287dfe2bc11d28f16.jpg

2f8a80a8201deaf43c5e3b644bf7c95c.jpg  85e5ee6ba535e05bd56cc256364e789f.jpg

7、Assemble packaging on site

6adb55e006ee212b83ba3134825cabf9.jpg  2515eb77c198e82cc8ddce36e6801b2c.jpg

71c67b35ed1d034aeafc57c4a2892294.jpg  9a02ea9af52d172d67e3c8f22452e219.jpg

8、Finished packing,loaded and shipped

b70a38234bc22f52f28f9052d46ff6c3.jpg  f5d9d7aee6957ade47475aae9e3f79bc.jpg

b252920e476110d2e51a943172223c01.jpg  5877d8e131f702f436d9dcc17c237c27.jpg


    Zhongzhan Union  logistics Co., LTD is a company specialized in providing professional packaging and logistics, exhibition arrangement, customs clearance and other comprehensive services for artworks. The company has a professional operation team, for each of the different works of art, customized packaging logistics service plan, relieve your work in the exhibition, display, art exchange and other activities in the logistics of each link worry!

   Our service target involves various major art institutions, museums, galleries, auction companies, curators, etc. Works of art involve ancient artifacts, pottery, contemporary paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, and some high-value works of art. In addition, we can also provide comprehensive and effective professional services such as customs declaration, customs clearance, cultural approval, professional distribution, storage, exhibition layout, art insurance, etc.