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Logistics Service

  As a professional art logistics company, we provide professional and accurate logistics solutions for artists, auction companies, museums and other aspects all the year round. Our business staff has successfully completed many large-scale exhibition Tours for operations in nearly 40 countries and regions, and its safe and punctual quality service has been widely praised by customers.



  In addition, we are committed to helping Chinese artists develop overseas markets, hold art exhibitions abroad and help them gain access to famous galleries abroad.  


  Art international logistics mainly refers to the international goods import and export transport agents, providing logistics services, including sea, air, land and multimodal transport and other modes of transport. The international logistics of artworks needs to be highly professional. Different from the logistics of ordinary goods, artworks have high requirements on the environment in the process of transportation and storage, and the requirements on the environment will also change based on the different types or materials of artworks.


 In addition to temperature and humidity, how to package artworks is also crucial. Not only should the packaging materials not be damaged due to contact, but special packing boxes and fillers are also needed for fragile artworks such as porcelain to ensure the safety during transportation. At present, artworks are mainly transported by air, sea and road. In the process of road transportation, in order to ensure the safety of artworks, specially customized transport vehicles will be used to ensure the constant temperature and humidity of the internal space, as well as the shock-proof function. Meanwhile, a series of security measures will also be taken.