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 There are different ways of arranging and withdrawing exhibitions for different art types. Comrades in the operation department will carefully prepare and check everything from the assembly of large art installations and sculptures to the hanging of hooks for exhibits and labels before exhibits. Exhibitions are generally divided into traditional art exhibitions and modern and contemporary art exhibitions according to the creation time of artworks. According to the classification of painting generally divided into Traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, print, sculpture, installation, design, folk art; According to the planning classification generally have: theme exhibition, solo exhibition, joint exhibition, tour exhibition, etc. In addition, there are categories of exhibitions based on artists, art value and other standards. No matter what kind of exhibition, it has specific requirements for the exhibition venue. The overall space of the exhibition hall can be regarded as stable and unchanged, but in the process of exhibition, an infinite pattern must be created in the limited space of the exhibition hall.  


 When arranging the exhibition layout, the curator will generally put forward academic requirements on the position and order of the works. To meet the needs of both text and vision; It is necessary to consider the relative independence of breaking the chapters, but also to maintain the cohesion of each other; To achieve the purpose of assimilation education, but also to consider the psychological rhythm of the audience. These are necessary to ensure the systematicness and integrity of the exhibition. The focus of exhibition arrangement and withdrawal is to grasp the theme and follow it step by step.