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ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

The seventh ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair was successfully concluded on November 10, 2019. The four-day fair attracts art lovers from all over the world. The expo brings together 110 top galleries from 57 cities in 18 countries to showcase the contemporary art and design work of internationally renowned and emerging artists. It is a great honor for the joint team of China Exhibition to participate in this event again, and provide artwork cloth, exhibition withdrawal and transportation services for many exhibitors.


1 installation,

  In order to meet the organizer's schedule, the team arrived in Shanghai one day ahead of schedule. Although the host venue is very familiar to us, the masters still hold a meticulous working attitude and go to the venue one day in advance to check the site, determine the entry route of the works and ensure the smooth entry of the exhibits the next day.

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                        Exhibits enter one after another

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                              Exhibits placement

                   Exhibition arranged all night 


Collectors Preview Day and Public Day

   With the arrival of preview day for Collectors and public day, various exhibitors have been busy, and the enthusiastic and active atmosphere fills the whole exhibition area. Our master is even more ready, ready to be around the booth of the customer, in order to timely respond to the call, change the work, adjust the Angle and other requirements. Assist customers to present the most elaborate display effect.



  There are four exhibition units in this exhibition. The Main Galleries will present 80 high-quality Galleries mainly dealing with 21st century contemporary art. Detour's "Detour" curation unit aims to investigate the fictional geographical context and narrative outside the mainstream ideology of Europe and America, hoping to understand the communication and development of art, knowledge, society, politics and economy on a global scale through different perspectives. Approach unit reduces the exhibition cost of small and medium-sized galleries by adopting a pricing model different from the main gallery unit, aiming to convey confidence and support the development of young galleries around the world. Beyond public project unit will present large-scale painting, sculpture and installation works in the public area of the exhibition hall, breaking the boundary of traditional exhibition booth.





Although the fair has come to a successful conclusion, the masters' work is not over. It will be followed by a more professional withdrawal. Because the work of the exhibition is often more tight schedule, so it does not allow a bit of delay and slack. At the end of the expo, our master has already arranged the materials and tools for the exhibition to be put in place. It can be said that it is a race against the clock to complete the final work efficiently and quickly, and live up to the client's trust and trust.

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                                  *De-installation and Unpacking

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                                 *Exhibits Packing

About ART021

  Founded in 2013, ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Expo is a participating project of China Shanghai International Art Festival. The exhibition brings together the world's top galleries and institutions, trying to build a professional communication platform for artists, collectors, sponsors, curators, gallery directors and others to share the latest trends and ideas of contemporary art. ART021 aims at selecting quality, professional standards, local resources and international vision.