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  The 2019 Meizhong International Oral Laser Certificate Course was held in Bulgaria from July 30 to August 5 as scheduled. Bulgaria is The political, economic and cultural Center of The country, Located in the West of Bulgaria, is a tourist resort, is also a world-famous garden City.

  The three-day course was conducted from July to 2 August at The excitement Plovdiv University of Medicine. We honored to invite to The master of The world's top oral Laser Georgi Toner Professor He (Initial Georgi has Tomov), Prague, Vestas NieWa Doctor Yang, (Dr. Blagovesta Yaneva), Nick Ray Nico's Doctor (Dr. Nikolay Nikolov) to share the precious academic experience, Students mainly come from North China, East China, Northwest and Southwest Regions such as the domestic first-tier cities the excellent Doctor stomatological hospital and clinics.

  Stick to the course of oral Laser theory and practical application of the combination of the theme, several speakers will the Accumulation of years of Clinical experience and digital Technology, Combining with the participants to explore digital oral Diagnosis and treatment, guided by the students not only the professional guidance, In addition, the students were in plovdiv dental Clinic, the scene view and study the whole process of diagnosis and treatment of patients.

  Plovdiv University is located in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. Founded in 1945, Plovdiv University has a history of nearly 70 years At this. It is the largest institution of higher education in Southern Bulgaria and the second largest comprehensive University in the country Memorial institution, students relive fond memories of their youth when they read without distraction.